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Get your Times online for FREE!

Are you the proprietor of a Food or Drinks place (Restaurant, Takeaway, Cafe, Bar, Pub, Sandwich Bar etc.)? Then signup for FoodBookers account and get your Times, Opening Times etc. online for FREE. If you would like to see everything that we offer see What's Free

An Open and Shut Door
Setup your Opening Times within FoodBookers and we can show your customers at glance if your are Open or Closed (or about to Open or Close). Against your details an image of a door is shown, when you are open the door is open. When you are closed the door is closed. If you are about to open or close then the door is shown partially open / closed (and more red). Of course they can also see the details of your times.

A Searching Time
Members of the public can not only search for places (restaurants, takeaways etc) that are open. But also for more complicated things like takeaways that are currently delivering. We can handle that sort of query because your can enter 'A Time for Everything'.

A Time for Everything
Your times setup can be as simple or complicated as your require. Initially, you just enter in your Opening Times. Your Opening Times are then the default times for every Service, Deal or Event that you enter. You only have to enter additional Times when a Service, Deal or Event is only available at 'Limited Times'. This allows people to see what you offer and when.

Times are a Changing
Changes to your Times can be made ahead of time. No staying up late the night before to make changes. Simply enter when you want your changes to take effect, enter your changes (temporary or otherwise), check to ensure that you are happy, then what people see will change automatically on the required date. It is also easy for you to enter on periods when you are closed whether this is for a holiday or refurbishment.