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Online Bookings / How to Limit Nos

Currently, Online Bookings is only available for Deals. We are working on Online Bookings for Tables and Events. Please let us know if there is anything else that you would like to be able to Book Online.

Let us consider that you have a certain amount of spare capacity that you wish to fill. You are considering offering a discount to people so that you can encourage more customers to come to your establishment. However, you do not wish to affect the business that you are already doing. If you issued discount vouchers to everyone, yes you would get more business through the door, but you would be discounting your existing business. By using our Booking system you can generate more business whilst minimising the effect to your existing business.

Limit Numbers - To
So you have a certain amount of spare capacity that you wish to fill. To try to ensure that you do not exceed this spare capacity (and start affecting your normal business) you should limit numbers. Within our system you can limit numbers in a very broad way or in a more narrow way. You could limit numbers to say 1000 in total. That is ok, but if they all turned up at the same time you would have to turn away full price customers. So we have given you the ability to limit numbers, Per Day, Per Time Period (you may be open more than once during the day), Per Hour, Per Half Hour or even Per Quarter Hour. So 1000 extra at any time may cause problems but 5 extra per hour may always be managable.

Valid For Period - Of
So you can spread the allocation of vouchers etc. over time. You can leave it so that the voucher etc. is only valid at the given time or you can specify the length of time that the voucher is valid for, a certain number of minute or days.

Limit When People Can Book...
You can limit then number of days in advance that people can/ have to book. It could be that you know that 90% of your customers come into your cafe because they are passing. So by only offering a discount voucher for people who book (the voucher) the day before you would be pretty sure that it was not going to go to an existing customer. The system currently allows you to set booking to be at least 0 - 7 days ahead and not more than 0 - 7 days ahead.

Limit User - To One Every
You can limit allocation of vouchers etc. to users (people) to one every so many days (setting this to a large number of days effectively means one voucher per customer). It may be that you know the majority of the business comes from repeat custom. So setting up an offer that is one per customer would not to adversely affect your current business but would bring in new customers from whom you may get repeat custom.

Limit When Visible - To %...
Last but not least you can limit the likelihood that your existing business is going to be affected by issuing vouchers by limiting when your offer (deal) is visible to people. If customers know that voucher are available on this site for your place they may, once they have decided that they are visiting your established come to this site to collect the voucher. However, by using the Limit When Visible feature you can reduce the likelihood of this happening. You can set it so that each user (customer) only sees your offer (and can only book your voucher) a certain percentage of the time (in days or weeks). So if you set if to 10% of weeks then for each week a customer has a 10% chance of seeing the offer. On each change of week the system effectively rolls the dice to see if the customer will have access to the voucher this week or not.